Butterfly Sightings for December 2018 (Species seen this year: 43)

This page shows recent butterfly sightings in the three counties. By default, sightings for all species in the current month are displayed. You can select a month and year, and optionally a species, from the drop-down menus. The first reported sighting of each species is shown in bold red text. If a species has been selected, sightings will be in bold purple text. For sightings prior to 2018, see the sightings archive page.
You can submit sightings either by emailing sightings@upperthames-butterflies.org.uk, or via the web form. Records which appear on the sightings page do not need to be sent to the Butterfly Records Officer as well.
If you are submitting images, please read the Privacy and Copyright statement, and please don't submit more than three images per report. Clicking an image will display a larger version.
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