Gatekeeper (Pyronia tithonus)

Wing span: 33-36 mm. The Gatekeeper is also known as the Hedge Brown. Both sexes have orange-brown upper surfaces with wide dark brown edges and bright white eye-spots. Males also have a sex brand on each forewing. It is found throughout most of and England and Wales It can be found anywhere where tall grasses grow close to hedges trees or scrub, especially along hedgerows and woodland rides where there is a plentiful nectar source.
Life Cycle
There is one generation each year, with adults emerging in July, peaking in early August, with only a few remaining until the end of the month. The larva is the over-wintering stage.
Larval Foodplants
The main foodplants are various Bents, Fescues and Meadow-grasses. Common Couch is also used.
Nectar Sources
Gatekeepers will feed from whatever nectar sources are available - Bramble, Ragwort and Marjoram being particular favourites.
UK Conservation Status
Least Concern
Earliest UTB sighting (since 2004)
1st June
First sightings data
Widespread in the UTB region.