Clouded Yellow (Colias crocea)

Wing span: 54-63 mm. A fast-flying orange-yellow butterfly, the Clouded Yellow can sometimes be seen in large numbers but in other years is very rare. This is because numbers depend on migrants arriving from Europe. Clouded Yellows can be seen anywhere, but are often encountered near fields of clover or lucerne.
Life Cycle
Immigrants usually arrive in May and June. These may breed and give rise to one or two further generations.
Larval Foodplants
The larval foodplants are leguminous plants, particularly lucerne, clovers and trefoils.
Nectar Sources
Adults feed on Thistles and other nectar-rich grassland flowers.
UK Conservation Status
Least Concern
Earliest UTB sighting (since 2004)
7th April
First sightings data
Can be found anywhere in the UTB region.