Silver-spotted Skipper (Hesperia comma)

Wing span: 30-36mm. This attractively-marked Skipper is quite rare, but has been spreading to new sites in recent years. The silvery blotches on the underwings are diagnostic. It is restricted to chalk grassland in southern England, where the turf is short and there are patches of bare ground.
Life Cycle
Adults are usually on the wing from the middle of July to the beginning of September. The species over-winters as an ovum.
Larval Foodplants
The sole larval foodplant is Sheep's-fescue.
Nectar Sources
Adults often feed on purple flowers such as Dwarf Thistle and Scabious.
UK Conservation Status
Near Threatened
Earliest UTB sighting (since 2004)
9th July
First sightings data
Species Champion
Richard Soulsby (email via:
Aston Rowant NNR
Buttler's Hanging
Watlington Hill