Butterfly First Sightings in 2018 (species this year: 43)

This page shows the earliest sightings of butterflies in the Upper Thames region (per UTB Sightings).
The "+- days" column shows the difference from the mean first sighting date in the UTB region since 2004.
Clicking on a species name will show all first sightings of that species.
Count Species Date Recorder Location +- days
43 Brown Hairstreak 14th July Mick Campbell Sheephouse Wood, Bucks -9 days
42 Silver-spotted Skipper 14th July David Hastings Aston Rowant NNR, Oxon -5 days
41 Clouded Yellow 7th July John Lindley Chazey Heath, Oxon +27 days
40 Chalk Hill Blue 3rd July Michael McNeill Lardon Chase, Berks -2 days
39 Grayling 29th June Grahame Hawker, Steve Wheatley Broadmoor Bottom, Berks -17 days
38 Gatekeeper 23rd June Paul Bowyer Farnham Royal, Bucks -4 days
37 Essex Skipper 22nd June Sue Taylor Bradenham, Bucks -8 days
36 Purple Emperor 19th June Mick & Wendy Campbell Little Wood, Oxon -6 days
35 Silver-studded Blue 17th June Colin Williams Wildmoor Heath, Berks -6 days
34 Silver-washed Fritillary 15th June Neil Holman Hewin's Wood, Bucks -6 days
33 Small Skipper 11th June David Fuller Homefield Wood, Bucks -5 days
32 Dark Green Fritillary 10th June Mark Searle Aston Rowant NNR, Oxon -7 days
31 White-letter Hairstreak 10th June Adrian Cadman Milton Keynes, Bucks -11 days
30 Purple Hairstreak 9th June John Marshall Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon -13 days
29 White Admiral 8th June Ellis Bowyer Crowthorne, Berks -9 days
28 Marbled White 3rd June David Webb Crookham Common, Berks -6 days
27 Ringlet 2nd June Karen Saxl Upton, Oxon -12 days
26 Black Hairstreak 1st June Mick & Wendy Campbell Waterperry Wood, Oxon -7 days
25 Meadow Brown 31st May Sue Taylor Yeosden Bank, Bucks -2 days
24 Large Skipper 28th May Paul Bowyer Flackwell Heath, Bucks +1 day
23 Adonis Blue 19th May Jean-Paul Brouard The Holies, Berks -2 days
22 Wood White 17th May Nick Board North Bucks +6 days
21 Common Blue 14th May Neil Holman Pitstone Church End, Bucks +8 days
20 Brown Argus 13th May Kevin Booden Incombe Hole, Bucks +6 days
19 Small Blue 13th May Charlie Jackson Pitstone, Bucks +5 days
18 Small Heath 10th May James Ford Buttlers Hanging, Bucks +8 days
17 Dingy Skipper 5th May Jean-Paul Brouard The Holies, Berks +9 days
16 Duke of Burgundy 5th May Stephen Jones Bradenham, Bucks +7 days
15 Grizzled Skipper 5th May Charlie Jackson Incombe Hole, Bucks +16 days
14 Small Copper 5th May Jean-Paul Brouard The Holies, Berks +12 days
13 Painted Lady 22nd April David Webb Crookham Common, Berks -2 days
12 Green Hairstreak 19th April Neil Holman Incombe Hole, Bucks +4 days
11 Speckled Wood 17th April Marcus Rhodes Silwood Park, Berks +14 days
10 Holly Blue 14th April Nigel Partridge Loosley Row, Bucks +13 days
9 Orange-tip 14th April Karen Saxl Chilswell Valley, Oxon +14 days
8 Green-veined White 6th April John Lindley Goring, Oxon +1 day
7 Large White 6th April Peter Law Garsington, Oxon +1 day
6 Small White 5th April John Holdbrook Oxford, Oxon +11 days
5 Peacock 2nd February David Fuller Maidenhead, Berks +2 days
4 Small Tortoiseshell 25th January Tony Rayner Cholsey, Oxon -11 days
3 Brimstone 18th January George Warner Upper Basildon, Berks -11 days
2 Comma 18th January Tony Croft Whitecross Green Wood, Oxon -34 days
1 Red Admiral 1st January David Hastings Bagley Wood, Oxon -25 days